Here are some projects and tools we have collected and used in workshop settings and classes.  Some are from choreographers, some from composers, visual artists and other resources. Some are just quotes about art making, process, senses, composition, technique, how bodies think and more.  Others are ideas for throwing a wrench into your process to shake things up and take a detour from your own habits. 

Feel free to:

  • combine different structures depending on what element of composition you want to focus on (space, dynamics, text etc.). 
  • use the tools and projects with a large groups, small groups, and solo projects. 
  • jot down ideas using large paper for group projects so artists can write or draw ideas as they plan their work.  This way, any of the projects can be done with a range of disciplines- so if the project is about making movement, you can use the same project for making sound.
  • adapt the ideas so they work for your project or activity.