A Tool For Teaching & Building Interdisciplinary Collaborations

We created this website as a tool for teaching and building interdisciplinary collaborations. The inspiration came from faculty and students at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts -- where BFA programs in Dance, Theatre Production and Design, Visual Art, Film and Music all work together in studio settings and playfully experiment with processes of art making. 

We wanted to create a database of images, projects, sounds and theory that we collect inside the studio and from research happening in other places.  We are curious about how we collaborate and how structures reoccur, translate and deviate from one discipline to another.  Composition is central to these processes and offers a base for our approaches and experiments. 

We are excited about what our students are doing and inspired by the new languages in contemporary art and performance we continue to see develop. You can use the site as a source for learning more about how artists process ideas across disciplines, building assignments for students, or for creating a process for a collaboration of your own.

The ideas, quotes, projects, etc. come from a large variety of artists and we do our best to give credit when we can trace the reference. But many of the ideas come from curious artists who have collected inspiring ideas -- and we want to share them and build on these ideas.

The structure of the site includes a TOOLBOX with lots of possibilities and references and then Images, Sound and Action samples from our courses in the School for the Contemporary Arts.

As part of our introduction, we offer some ideas about what we mean by Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Composition.  The projects we are referencing on the site are built by groups of artists from dance, theatre, visual art, music, film, production and design.

Additionally there are many more Resources, including an extensive BIBLIOGRAPHY, a page devoted to HISTORY and other points of REFERENCE.