Project Director: ROB KITSOS

ROB KITSOS is an acclaimed dancer, dance instructor, performing artist, musician, visual artist and choreographer who has performed across North America, Europe and Asia.  He has performed his own and other works at international festivals including the Spoletto Festival in Charleston South Carolina, the World Expo in Lisbon, the Grec Festival in Barcelona, the Palais Royale in Paris, and others in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Venezuela.  Kitsos has also appeared in well-known theatres including the Cultural Center in Hong Kong, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, the Joyce Theatre and DTW in New York.  He has been commissioned by artists and companies in Hong Kong, Seattle and Vancouver including Bard on the Beach and the British Colombia Ballet in Vancouver BC. Rob has been a member of more than fifteen performing companies and collaborated with many artists which cover a broad range of styles from mime to hip hop, improvisation to ballet, including the Doug Elkins Dance Company, Gina Gibney Dance, Hillary Easton, Jannis Brenner, KT Niehoff, Colin Connor, Pat Graney, the Chamber Dance Company, Peter Bingham and the Berkshire Ballet. 

As a choreographer, Rob has created over 100 original works, many of which include collaborations with artists from a range of disciplines.  He has studied Mime at Ecole Jacques Lacoq in Paris and played drums in a rock band in popular clubs like CBGB's in New York City as well as a tour through Spain in 2004 with the band Westport Sunrise Sessions based in New York City.  He continues to record and collaborate with the WWS.  Rob has composed and performed many of his own sound scores and video projections for his choreography. Rob has received support from the Social Science and Research Council through Simon Fraser University, the BC Arts Council and Canada Council and was awarded support from the Leisure and Cultural Council in Hong Kong in 2003 as well as the Donald E. Peterson Endowed Fellowship for Excellence at the University of Washington in 2001 and 2002. 

In addition to choreographing and performing, Rob has been teaching dance in universities for sixteen years. He was a Guest Artist at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1998, a full time faculty member at the University of Washington from 1998-2002. He then began a two-year Senior Lecturer position at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. In 2004, Rob joined the faculty of Simon Fraser University as an Assistant Professor in the School for the Contemporary Arts. He is serving as Undergraduate Chair of Contemporary arts and head of Curriculum.  He teaches contemporary dance, composition, repertory, dance aesthetics, improvisation in performance and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Rob received his BA in Theatre/Dance from Bard College and his MFA in Dance from the University of Washington in 1997.


Research Assistant: GABRIEL SALOMAN

GABRIEL SALOMAN is a Vancouver based musician, artist, writer and educator. As an artist he has exhibited internationally, both individually and in various collaborations such as Red76, The STAG Library and the Lower Mainland Painting Co. Recent exhibitions of his work have taken place at 221a, Unit/Pitt Projects (both Vancouver) and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (Toronto) and he is the co-creator with Justin Langlois of Neighborhood Time Exchange (Philadelphia). His current work focuses on the production of visual artworks from time-based phenomena such as sound composition, dance, social practices and protest. As a musician he has released over fifty recordings and toured extensively in Europe, North America and Oceania performing music under his own name and in collaboration with Pete Swanson as Yellow Swans. He frequently composes for contemporary dance, collaborating with choreographers such as Vanessa Goodman, 605 Collective and Rob Kitsos among others. He received an MFA from Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts in 2013.


Project Assistant: ALEX MAH

ALEX MAH is a composer and interdisciplinary performer based in the Vancouver area. He studied at SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts under David MacIntyre, Barry Truax, Arne Eigenfeldt, Janet Danielson, Owen Underhill, and Andrew Laurenson, and abroad under Antoine Beuger. He has worked with Martin Gotfrit, Steven Hill, Rob Kitsos, Kinesis Dance somatheatro, and EDAM Dance.

His work has been performed by Bozzini Quartet (August 2012), Quasar Saxophone Quartet (November 2013), and Turning Point Ensemble (September 2015).

His focuses include acoustic and electroacoustic composition. Chamber music, live and fixed pieces involving acousmatic techniques, and noise music are concentrations. He regularly engages dance and theatre artists in collaboration, which in turn, informs his process as a composer.

Artistically, he is concerned with balance, juxtaposition, and the human element in performance.


Archival Research: Emmalena Fredriksson

Emmalena Fredriksson is a dance artist based in Vancouver. Born in Sweden, she studied at Balettakademien in Umeå before graduating from SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) in Austria. She has presented choreographic work, performed and taught internationally for over ten years, including as an artist in residence with Daghdha Dance Company in Ireland and as an Associate Lecturer in Choreography at Falmouth University, UK. Having completed her MFA-studies at Simon Fraser University this summer, Emmalena is currently continuing her research into dance and visual arts practices outside of academia with recent and upcoming works at the Interurban Gallery, collaborations with the visual art platform HAUNT and Dance in Vancouver.

Web Support: Remy Siu

Remy Siu ( 蕭 逸南 ) ( b.1990 ) is an emerging composer based in Vancouver, BC. He studied at SFU Contemporary Arts with David MacIntyre, Owen Underhill, Janet Danielson, Arne Eigenfeldt, and Barry Truax. He has also studied with Rodney Sharman, Ken Ueno, Claus-Steffan Mahnkopf, Suzanne Farrin, and Detlef Heusinger.

His work has been performed in Canada and the USA by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Victoria Symphony, the Turning Point Ensemble, the Erato Ensemble, Musica Intima, Quatuor Bozzini, aTonal Hits, and others. He also composes and performs with Dissonant Disco (a Vancouver music collective) and Hong Kong Exile (an interdisciplinary art collective).

He has also worked with Henry Daniel, Steven Hill, Rob Kitsos, Pi Theatre, Centre A Gallery, and the Western Front, among others in the Vancouver arts community.

He was featured in the Georgia Straight 2012 Fall Arts Preview. The media has described his music as "characterized by vibrant, driving rhythms and brash sonorities," "dark...cacophonous," "powerful," [and] "haunting." He has received a SOCAN Foundation Young Composers Award and a nomination for  "Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition" for the Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards.

He is currently the Emerging Composer-in-Residence for the Turning Point Ensemble.

This research was supported by a Teaching and Learning Development Grant from Simon Fraser University.